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What are the types of inflation?

On the basis of rate of Inflation, there are different types of Inflation. They are: Creeping Inflation. Walking or Trotting Inflation. Running inflation. Hyper or Galloping Inflation. Open Inflation. Suppressed Inflation. On the basis of rate of Inflation, there are… Full Answer

Advantage of inflation?

Advantages include: Moderate inflation enables adjustment of wages, Inflation enables adjustment of relative prices and inflation can boost growth. Inflation occurs when there is a sustained increase in the general price level. Full Answer

Two types of inflation?

Fiscal inflation and wage inflation are the two most common types of inflation. Fiscal inflation occurs when there is an excessive amount of government spending. Wage inflation occurs when prices increase, and workers want more money to be able to… Full Answer

What is walking inflation?

Walking inflation: When the price rise is moderate (is in the range of 3 to 7 %) and the annual inflation rate is of a single digit, it is called walking inflation. It is a warning signal for the government… Full Answer

Lowest inflation rate in world?

The lowest inflation rate in the world is 0% in Japan. There are countries in which there is a negative inflation, but these cases are not called low inflation, they are called deflation. the highest deflation rate is 3% in… Full Answer