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How can you prevent flood?

You can prevent A flood by using less water, And knowing when to turn it off.In many countries, rivers prone to floods are often carefully managed. Defences such as levees, bunds, reservoirs, and weirs are used to prevent rivers from… Full Answer

How is sea salt acquired?

Well as you would guess, you would need salty ocean water to begin with. To isolate for the salt itself, you simply would evaporate off all the water and you would be left with what is called sea salt. More… Full Answer

What was the American German bund?

The German American Bund was an organization of ethnic Germans living in the United States and was very pro-Nazi. After the U. S. entered World War 2 the government outlawed it. Apart from its admiration for Adolf Hitler and Nazi… Full Answer

What is a slant rhyme with winds?

wingeds liinbs linbs chintzes blintzes frimds timds hintze kingges timgs imprimdes londes lunds wonnds runds llands rundes wondes wonds wundes wunds llandes vnds wondows vunds funds bunds gerunds sundaes flands punds ponnds munds tunds hundes junds kunds rmonds schrunds tonds… Full Answer

What prevents soil erosion?

Plant a diverse selection of plants on your landscape Encourage rich soil with organic matter that works as a glue for the soil Block water paths with stone or wooden retaining walls. Plan and encourage proper drainage. Follow lawn and… Full Answer