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How many towns named Dublin in America?

There are at least 21: Dublin, Montgomery, Alabama, USA Dublin, Graham, Arizona, USA Dublin, Logan, Arkansas, USA Dublin, Alameda, Californa, USA Dublin, Bladen, North Carolina, USA Dublin, Lake, Florida, USA Dublin, Laurens, Georgia, USA Dublin, Wayne, Indiana, USA Dublin, Graves… Full Answer

Where are there cities named US?

As of (9/26/2012), there are twelve (12) cities in the world with the name "Usa": [Format is (Country Code),(City Name),(Lat),(Long)] af,usa,33.168586,67.531378 af,usa,31.229118,66.705564 id,usa,-4.5116,120.2324 jp,usa,33.45,133.45 mz,usa,-21.0652778,33.1886111 ng,usa,9.983333,6.1 pg,usa,-6.3333333,143.7333333 ru,usa,57.0062,47.9651 ru,usa,65.389419,51.24913 ru,usa,53.325,48.692778 ru,usa,53.735556,33.155556 tz,usa,-3.3666667,36.85 Full Answer