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Is terror wood real?

Previous poster was wrong. There is no such thing as Terror Wood. (I assume you mean from Scooby-Doo.) It's probably a ploy relating the bad dreams it causes to the effects of the Banisteriopsis Caapi vine, the primary ingredient in… Full Answer

How do you brew ayahuasca?

For production of 4 liters of tea / brew you will need: - 35 kg of triturated lianas (Banisteriopsis caapi) - 15 kg of whole leaves of Psycotria viridis Obs.: Don't use these dry extracts sold thereabout by the net… Full Answer

What is the chief effect of hallucinogens?

As the word implies, they make you hallucinate. Against contrary belief, hallucinating does not mean seeing things that aren't there, but percieving things differently from what they really are. For example, an item may appear to be warping or it's… Full Answer