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Why does Juno dislike Hercules?

Because she was his stepmother. The following is taken unedited from Wikipedia: Hera, the enemy of Heracles Hera was the stepmother and enemy of Heracles, who was named "Hera-famous"[18] in her honor; Heracles is the hero who, more than even… Full Answer

Why is cellery a stem?

Apium graveolens is a plant species in the family Apiaceae commonly known as celery (var. dulce) or celeriac (var. rapaceum), depending on whether the petioles (stalks) or roots are eaten: celery refers to the former and celeriac to the latter… Full Answer

Greek gods and religion?

Ancient Greek name English name Description Ἀφροδίτη (Aphroditē) Aphrodite The goddess of love, beauty and desire. Although married to Hephaestus she had many lovers, most notably Ares. She was depicted as a beautiful woman. Her symbols include the rose, scallop… Full Answer