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How you make a funnel cake?

Funnel cake is really not a cake, it is somewhat of a pancake batter mix that is poured thru a funnel into hot grease to a desired size, sort of like fried dough, but it is more delicate. When done… Full Answer

Is a flapjack a cake or a biscuit?

In America and Canada a flapjack is a pancake. In the United Kingdom and Ireland it is oats, golden syrup and sugar mixed together and baked in an oven. It generally doesn't fit into either biscuit of cake category. Full Answer

What is cooked batter in baking?

Once the batter is cooked, it is no longer "batter" but whatever the product is called that one is baking: cooked pancake batter becomes "pancakes," cooked cake batter becomes "cake," baked cookie batter becomes "cookies," and so forth. Full Answer