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Does every saint have a feast day?

All known and named saints have a feast day. On any day of the week there may be 20 or more saints who are memorialized. Go to this link for a clickable calendar to see what saints have a feast… Full Answer

Is Saint Catherine not a saint anymore?

I assume you are referring to St. Catherine of Alexandria. She was one of several saints removed from the Calendar of Saints in 1969 for lack of evidence that she ever existed. However, for some reason Pope John Paul II… Full Answer

Why was Saint Christopher desainted?

He wasn't. If you get a book of Catholic Saints, you will see that there are dozens of saints for every day of the year. The official church calendar or Ordo is what is used to determine which Office and… Full Answer

Is Philomena a saints name?

Yes and no. Officially, Saint Philomena is not recognized as a saint by the Universal Church and only is approved for veneration in Mungano Italy. She is not listed on the official calendar of saints. However, there are people all… Full Answer

Who is a good patron saint?

You have two patron saints - the saint for whom you were named and the saint whose feast day falls on your birthday. Go to this link and click on the alphabetical list to find your namesake and then click… Full Answer

Did Saint Valentine have a faimly?

There is no written record about Saint Valentine of Rome so your question can not be answered, It was precisely for this lack of information that Valentine was removed from the Calendar of Saints back in 1969. Full Answer

How do I find my patron saint?

Click on the Patron Saint Index by clicking on this link and find the saints with your name. If you can not find a saint that shares your name, click on the Calendar of Saints (right hand column) and find… Full Answer

Did Saint Stephen have siblings?

There is nothing in scripture nor in tradition that allows that question to be answered. Virtually nothing is known about Saint Valentine and for this reason he was removed from the Calendar of Saints in 1969. Full Answer

Who are the former saints?

There is no such thing as a former saint. Once a saint, always a saint. One cannot be 'decanonized.' There are a few saints who have been removed from the Calendar of Saints for various reasons but, in most cases… Full Answer