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What is the lowest caliber bullet?

In the usual sense of caliber, it means the diameter of the bullet. The smallest commercial caliber is the .17 rimfire, but there have been MUCH smaller caliber firearms, down to the 1-2 mm range. That is about .05 to… Full Answer

What is 7.85 caliber?

about .309 caliber, which is roughly .31 caliber. Assuming that you meant 7.85 millimeter. Since there are 25.4mm / inch, you take 7.85 divided by 25.4 to get caliber (in hundredth of an inch). Full Answer

What is a bigger bullet 45 caliber or 357?

The .45 caliber is bigger in diameter. If you mean weight. The .45 caliber is generally heavier. However there are some lightweight .45 caliber bullets that are lighter than .357 caliber bullets. Generally speaking .45 caliber bullets weigh between 180… Full Answer