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Can you shrink your nose?

They are sayings their is no other way to shrink nose without surgery, but their has been sayings that you can shirink your nose without surgery by pressing down on it, but if you stop it will grow back. :)… Full Answer

How deep can a dolphin swim?

The dolphin is capable of diving for up to 20 minutes at 300 meters, this is to be considered as maxima for a bottle-nose dolphin although in some experiments they have dived to about 500 meters. Usually, bottle-nose dolphins will… Full Answer

How can you shrink nose pores?

When your pores are clogged they will be forced to get bigger in order to breathe, if you unclog them and keep them clear they will begin to shrink. Exfoliating your nose can help shrink your pores faster if you… Full Answer

How do you take care of the nose?

cover your nose if you are in dusty place,,avoid blowing your nose hard when you have cold avoid putting any of your fingers or any pointed object inside your nose,,keep your nose clean,,avoid picking,sniffing,rubbing and blowing your nose hard… Full Answer