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Why does Dracula wear a cape?

Dracula wears a cape because: 1.) It's badass 2.) His cape are his wings when he transforms into a bat 3.) Cause he's a man with style

What are the animals found in Malaysia?

Carnivores in Malaysia Indian smooth-coated otter Short-tailed mongoose Javan mongoose Collared mongoose Crab-eating mongoose Asiatic wild dog Hog badger Otter civet Burmese ferret-badger Malayan stink badger Yellow-Throated marten Malayan weasel Banded palm civet Bearcat Hose's palm civet Small-toothed palm civet… Full Answer

What is a list of all African animals?

African Animals Aardvark African Chimpanzee Angolan Hairy Bat Bat (Angolan Hairy Bat) Bat (Cape Horseshoe Bat) Bat (Large-eared Free-tailed Bat) Bat (Natal Free-tailed Bat) Bat (Lesuer's Hairy Bat) Barbour's Rock Mouse Black Rhinoceros Blue Whale Buffalo Cape Elephant Shrew Cape… Full Answer

Kinds of bats?

This list contains the placental mammals in Order Chiroptera: Family Noctilionidae (Bulldog bats) Genus Noctilio Lesser Bulldog Bat (N. albiventris) Greater Bulldog Bat (N. leporinus) Family Pteropodidae Subfamily Pteropodinae Genus Acerodon Sulawesi Fruit Bat (A. celebensis) Talaud Fruit Bat (A… Full Answer

What animals are in the African savanna?

Even-toed ungulates Tsessebe Peter's duiker Bay duiker Black duiker Collared peccary Ogilby's duiker White-lipped peccary Red-flanked duiker Yellow-backed duiker African buffalo Addax Klipspringer Impala Common hippopotamus Sharpe's grysbok Southern reedbuck Bohar reedbuck Bongo Marshbuck Common hartebeest Beira antelope Oribi Nyala… Full Answer

Why does meta knight have wings?

So he can fly, of course! =-P And technically, HE doesn't have wings, but he DOES have a cape called the Dimensional Cape which can transform into a pair of bat wings, allowing him flight, and it can also teleport… Full Answer

Did batman have a yellow cape?

With the exception of his all yellow suit from the rainbow batman story and the time "Crazy Steve" painted himself yellow, no. A yellow cape is the signature of bat girl and other sidekicks and has never been used by… Full Answer