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How is rosin produced?

Rosin is produced from the resins of pine trees. The best rosin being produced is from a company called Melos Rosin. Christos Sykiotis who hailed from Halkidiki, North Greece, perfected the manufacture of rosin which is being used in violins… Full Answer

Is rosin dust toxic?

It is safe to say that rosin dust is NOT toxic, because rosin is also used as a food additive in things like chewing gum, or in cosmetics such as makeup. Rosin dust could only cause problems if you have… Full Answer

Is violin rosin ok for cellos?

Occasionally. If it is used once, that's fine. But, cello rosin has more grit than violin rosin because the cello's strings are thicker. If a violinist used cello rosin (instead of violin), the bow hair will become very gritty and… Full Answer