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What are the uses of cast iron?

Cast iron mainly includes grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and malleable cast iron. As for ductile iron, it has very wide application, such as Pressure pipes and fittings, Automotive applications, Agriculture, road and construction applications, General engineering applications. As… Full Answer

What is Malleable cast iron?

Malleable cast iron has some differences with ductile iron, although it has many similar properties with ductile iron, and it can be replaced by ductile iron in some applications. Malleable cast iron is produced from white cast iron, which is… Full Answer

Cleaning cast iron?

To clean cast iron use hot water and a cloth or sponge. Dry the cast iron right away. You should not use soap, and you should never soak cast iron or it will rust. Full Answer

Is cast iron a real iron?

Yes it is ferrous metal try using a magnet if you don't believe me The main raw material for producing cast iron is pig iron, so yes, the chemical components of cast iron is almost as same as the irons… Full Answer