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Who founded CBS?

William s paley. ran cbs for more than 50 yrs. he first took control of th struggling radio network in 1928 and saw cbs through its transition into telivision and helped earn CBS the label "Tiffany Network" for his early… Full Answer

What famous people played the tuba?

Harry Smith (born August 21,1951) - TV and radio personality. Anchor of CBS' The Early Show, was also a contributor for CBS Evening News, sometimes anchors and is a correspondent for CBS News Sunday Morning. He plays the tuba. Full Answer

The abbreviation CBS stands for what?

Assuming you are referring to the television network.... CBS stands for Columbia Broadcast System. In 1928, Bill Paley acquired a company called United Independent Broadcasters, which was a network of 16 independent radio stations. Paley changed the name of his… Full Answer