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Why did the Babylonian captivity end?

Because it had accomplished its purpose. The false prophets, at long last, were silenced forever. They had predicted that Judah would remain independent of Babylonia (Jeremiah ch.27) and no Destruction would take place. Also, the lure of idolatry finally weakened… Full Answer

What is a 11 letter word with e as second fifth and letter?

Betterments, ceaselessly, centerfolds, centerpiece, dealerships, deflections, depreciated, depressions, desperation, geometrical, hedgehopper, leaderboard, leaseholder, letterheads, memberships and mesmerizing are 11 letter words with e as the second and fifth letter. Additional words include peacekeeper, peppermints, percentages, percentiles, perpetrated, persecution, reflections, refreshment… Full Answer

What is the irony in The Veldt?

"The Veldt" hinges on the presentation of situational irony, specifically taking the form of unintended consequences, as does much of Bradbury's work. A nursery is very much intended to foster children to happy, healthy adulthood--and the outcome is quite the… Full Answer

What are some adverbs for love?

AFFECTIONATELY: dearly, devotedly, dotingly, fondly, lovingly DIVINELY: blissfully, gloriously, splendidly, sublimely ENDLESSLY: ceaselessly, constantly, forever, interminably FAITHFULLY: devotedly, loyally HAPPILY: blissfully, joyfully, joyously, cheerfully ONLY: alone, entirely, exclusively, solely SINCERELY: genuinely, honestly, really TOTALLY: absolutely, completely, entirely, fully, purely, wholly… Full Answer

Was Israel in Canaan a failure?

No. It may surprise most readers to hear the tradition, that the Israelites became a glorious realization of God's plan, and they continue to do so. This is why the same prophets who castigate the Israelites, also promise them God's… Full Answer