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Are guinea pigs allergic to anything?

Okay...big list. Are you ready? Penicillin amoxicillin (Clavamox) ampicillin bacitracin cefadroxil cephalexin * (derivative: Cefadroxil) cephalosporins cephazolin chlortetracycline clindamycin dihydrostreptomycin erythromycin lincomycin oxytetracycline streptomycin aloe vera cedar shavings pine bedding iceburg lettuce chocolate. Full Answer

What is cefadroxil?

A drug that is administered orally and has a broad spectrum of antibiotic activity. For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section ( indicated below this answer box. Full Answer

What are the generations of cephalosporins?

First Generation : 1.Cephalexin. 2.Cefadroxil 3.Cephazolin 4.Cefaradin. Second Generation: 1.Cefaclor 2.Cefonicid. 3.Cefoprozil. 4.Cefouroxime. Third Generation: 1.Cefdinir. 2.Cedotaxime. 3.Ceftriaxone. 4.Ceftazidime. Fourth Generation: 1.Cefopime. 2.Cefoselis. 3.Cefozopam. 4.Cefdidim. 5.Cefopirom. 6.Cefoquinone. ** You may find more for each generation, but those are the most… Full Answer

A list of antibiotics?

Broad Spectrum Penicillins Amoxicillin * Ampicillin * Bacampicillin * Carbenicillin Indanyl * Mezlocillin * Piperacillin * Ticarcillin Penicillins and Beta Lactamase Inhibitors * Amoxicillin-Clavulanic Acid * Ampicillin-Sulbactam * Benzylpenicillin * Cloxacillin * Dicloxacillin * Methicillin * Oxacillin * Penicillin G… Full Answer

How many generic prescription drugs exist?

acarbose tablet Precose® acebutolol capsule Sectral® acetazolamide tablet Diamox® acetazolamide SR capsule Diamox Sequels® acetic acid otic Acetasol® acetic acid/hydrocortisone otic Acetasol®-HC acetohexamide tablet Dymelor® acetylcysteine solution Mucomyst® acyclovir tablet, capsule, suspension Zovirax® albuterol inhalation solution, tablet, syrup Proventil® alendronate… Full Answer