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What are some famous Celtic music bands?

Bad Haggis, Baka Beyond, Boiled in Lead, Brobdingnagian Bards, Capercaillie, and Cele De are some famous Celtic music bands. They do not necessarily do only Celtic music, but some of them also do Rock music, Folk music, or World music… Full Answer

What does the music in Ireland sound like?

go to youtube and type in Celtic thunder...those our some of the songs of Ireland, the music sounds so peaceful and relaxing..they use alot of instruments to take it sound good like the harp,bagpipes or uilleann pipes, banjo, bodhran, guitars… Full Answer

How has folk music developed?

folk music has developed in time in ways such as: + it now has instruments such as drums and electric guitars + it formed many other styles of music -country came from American folk music -Celtic music came from Irish… Full Answer