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What is Teach for Texas?

The Teach for Texas Loan Repayment Assistance Program (TFTLRAP) aims to recruit and retain certified teachers in communities and fields (such as math, science, and foreign languages) in Texas that have a shortage of teachers. Full Answer

Can a certified teacher homeschool you?

Yes. Your parents can say that they are homeschooling and then hire a certified teacher to teach you. Parents who are also certified teachers may homeschool their own children as well. However, in most places this is not required and… Full Answer

How much do tutors cost?

How much a tutor costs can vary widely. A major factor in how much you pay a tutor should be the expertise of the tutor. Some tutors are high school students while others are certified teachers. I am a certified… Full Answer

What will it take for a teacher to get promoted?

In some cases, teachers of kindergarten through high school may attain professional certification in order to demonstrate competency beyond that required for a license. The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards offers a voluntary national certification. To become nationally certified… Full Answer