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What are the chat rooms on internet?

Internet Chat Rooms are the websites or services which allow you chat together with a group of people. Sometimes these chat rooms offer services like photo sharing and Listing to music at the same time. You can create your own… Full Answer

Are online chat rooms safe?

Most on-line chat rooms are safe, but to a certain extent. People should enter on-line chat rooms that are monitored in order to not get caught in a pedophiles private chat, or just some pervert. Full Answer

What type of a website is Chat Avenue?

Chat Avenue is an online chat community that offers free online chat rooms to users. There is a general chat room, as well as chat rooms specifically for kids, teens, girls and boys. The site also offers chat rooms based… Full Answer

Where can one find a chat on Desi?

DesiTalk Social Networking Chat Rooms, the live 24 hour chat rooms for many nations can be found through Yahoo chat rooms. Please remember when you are chatting, the person on the otherside of the conversation may not be who they… Full Answer