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What is chemoreceptor trigger zone?

The chemoreceptor trigger zone is a bilateral set of centers in the brainstem lying under the floor of the fourth ventricle.CTZ has connection with vomiting center and play indirectly to stimulate vomiting.. Electrical stimulation of these centers does not induce… Full Answer

What are the two groups of chemoreceptors?

The two groups of chemoreceptors are the following: 1- Central Chemorecepto- In the medulla oblongata, which measures PO2, PCO2 and the pH of CSF. (Cerebral spinal fluid) 2- Peripheral Chemoreceptor - Contained in small nodules within the aorta and carotid… Full Answer

What is maxeron tablet for?

Maxeron has three areas of activity. 1) Maxeron restores normal gastro-intestinal motility in patients with impaired functioning. 2) Maxeron prevents nausea and vomiting of local origin by decreasing the sensitivity of the visceral nerves involved 3) Maxeron prevents nausea and… Full Answer

What are the human senses?

Traditional senses: Sight, Hearing,Taste,Smell and Touch Non-traditional Senses: Balance and Acceleration,Temperature,Proprioception and Pain Other internal Senses: Hunger, Pulmonary Stretch Receptors, Peripheral Chemoreceptors, Chemoreceptor Trigger Zone,Cutaneous Receptors, Gastrointestinal Tract, Esophagus,Pharynx, Urinary Bladder,Rectum,Stretch Sensors and Cardioception Perception not based on a specific… Full Answer