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What is a group of salmons called?

A school of salmon is still called salmon. The term "school" refers to the entire group of fish. If there are several different species of salmon in the group, (e.g. coho salmon, sockeye salmon, chum salmon) they may be called… Full Answer

What is salmon ranching?

Worldwide, 5 billion salmon are raised each year by Salmon Ranching. Salmon ranching is a process that sees salmon eggs hatched in freshwater hatcheries, cultured in net pens and released into the ocean basin to compete with natural salmon for… Full Answer

What rhymes with tributary?

Organized by syllables. airey, airy, arie, ary, barey, barre, barrie, barry, berrey, berri, berrie, berry, buerry, bury, Carey, carie, carrey, Carrie, carry, Cary, cheri, cherie, cherry, chery, clary, dairy, derry, dery, eyrie, fairey, fairy, ferri, ferrie, ferry, fery, frary, garry… Full Answer

Do salmon live in Minnesota?

Yes! Salmon Live in Minnesota's Water of Lake Superior. There are currently 3 species: Pink salmon, Coho Salmon and Chinook Salmon. Atlantic Salmon were stocked years ago but the stocking program no longer exists. All Resident Salmon have been stocked… Full Answer