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How long is a Sparrow?

Sparrows range subtley in size, depending on species: the Chestnut sparrow is about 11.4 centimeters, whereas the Parrot-billed Sparrow is about 18 centimeters. While there are about 40 different types of sparrows, most people think that, upon closer observation, they… Full Answer

How many types of sparrows?

This is a list of sparrow species: Passer, the true sparrows Saxaul Sparrow, Passer ammodendri House Sparrow, Passer domesticus Italian Sparrow, Passer (italiae) italiae Spanish Sparrow, Passer (italiae) hispaniolensis Sind Sparrow, Passer pyrrhonotus Somali Sparrow, Passer castanopterus Russet Sparrow, Passer… Full Answer

What will eat a sparrow?

Many things will eat a sparrow - the obvious one is a sparrow hawk, but many other hawks will eat a sparrow. Cats and foxes will eat a sparrow if they can catch it. Full Answer