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What is the C-suite?

there are six C - suite. CEO - Chief Executive Officer CFO - Chief Financial Officer COO - Chief Operation Officer CTO - Chief Technology Officer CIO - Chief Information Officer CMO - Chief Marketing Officer Full Answer

What is corporate management?

Corporate management generally refers to the "C" level executives: CEO (chief executive officer), COO (chief operating officer), CIO (chief information officer), CFO (chief finance officer - sometimes called the Controller or Comptroller), and the Director of Marketing. Full Answer

What is Hugh Hendry famous for?

Hugh Hendry is known for many things. Hugh Hendry has much involvement in Eclectica Asset Management. This involvement ranges from being a founding partner to its chief investment officer to its chief executive officer to its chief portfolio manager. Full Answer

What is AFWAY?

AFWAY is a user-friendly, transaction-based .mil website to search, evaluate, select and purchase Chief Information Officer (CIO)-approved hardware products Full Answer