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Who is Chien Shiung Wu?

Chien Shiung Wu is a famous Physicist a succeeded in many great accomplishments so many I cant list them all here! Try to go to for more info Full Answer

In Chinese Chien-Shiung means?

It is the given name of a Chinese translated through Wade-Giles system. For example, the famous Chinese-American physicist is Chien-Shiung Wu (吴健雄), the 'Chien-Shiung (健雄)' in her name means healthy and strong. Full Answer

Did Chien-Shiung Wu get married?

Chien-Shiung Wu got married to another physicist named Luke Chia-Liu Yuan. She had met him at the University of Berkeley,where she received her Ph.D. in physics. In 1947, she gave birth to her only son and named him Vincent Weichen… Full Answer