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What has the author Lothar Lang written?

Lothar Lang has written: 'Malerei und Graphik in Ostdeutschland' -- subject(s): Art, German, German Art 'Der Graphiksammler' -- subject(s): Collectors and collecting, Prints 'Herbert Sandberg' -- subject(s): Cartoonists, Biography, Germany (East) 'Expressionist book illustration in Germany, 1907-1927' -- subject(s): Expressionism… Full Answer

What has the author Jill Bossert written?

Jill Bossert has written: 'Illustrators 44' 'Pro-Illustration' 'Children's Book Illustration: Step by Step Techniques' 'Editorial Illustration (Pro-Illustration)' 'Liberty' -- subject(s): Buildings, structures, Pictorial works, Postcards, Statue of Liberty (New York, N.Y.) 'John La Gatta' -- subject(s): Biography, Illustrators, Painters, Upper… Full Answer