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What is the gambling age in russia?

The USSR was the ONLY country in modern times that successfully totally banned Gambling ( and private small business as well, but that"s another story) China tried to ban gambling but practice was too imbedded- consider the popular phrase Chinaman"s… Full Answer

What is chainaman in cricket?

The chinaman delivery is similar to what is right handed bowlers leg break.It spins into the right handed batsmen The chinaman delivery is derived from a very old story.... In England there was a bowler who was Chinese[But lived in… Full Answer

Why is the chinaman pitbull called chinaman?

"Chinaman" Pit Bulls are simply American Pit Bull Terriers that have a well-known fighting dog, Grand Champion Garner's Chinaman, in their pedigrees. A pedigree is a dog's family tree that traces its ancestors back several generations, just as a family… Full Answer