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What has the author Shu-sen Sui written?

Shu-sen Sui has written: 'Ku shih shih chiu shou chi shih' -- subject(s): Chinese poetry, History and criticism 'The wine of endless life' -- subject(s): Chinese poetry, English poetry, Translations from Chinese, Translations into English Full Answer

Is teriyaki Chinese?

No.Teriyaki is Japanese. Although there are similar flavors (with suger, soy source,rice wine) in Chinese food, but they are boiled and more spicy than Japanese. "-yaki" means grill. So, "teriyaki" is grilled food. Full Answer

What wine goes with Chinese food?

There are some great wines for Chinese food. Both Gerwurztraminer (Alsatian) and Riesling (German) can be a great complement for this cuisine. Stick with Gerwurztraminer for spicier dishes, and a semi-dry, crisp Riesling for the less spicy selections. See below… Full Answer