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What is chlorine Analyzer?

A Chlorine Analyzer analyzes free chlorine or total chlorine in water to monitor chlorine dosage. It is frequently used in water and waste water plants to control chlorine dosage.

What is total residual chlorine?

Total Residual Chlorine (TRC) is the total of free available residual chlorine and combined (bound) residual chlorine. The amount of measurable chlorine remaining after treating water with chlorine i.e. amount of chlorine left in water after the chlorine demand has… Full Answer

Is chlorine an acid or base?

Chlorine is an element; chlorine / chloride ion is a BASE Chlorine for swimming pool usage is made to be Chlorine neutral (7,0) as to not raise or lower the pH.

What color is chlorine?

Chlorine is yellow-green in color. Chlorine is a chemical widely used in cleaning products and in pool systems. Chlorine is a yellowish green color. The symbol for the chemical element Chlorine is Cl. Chlorine has also been used as a… Full Answer

What is free chlorine?

Free Chlorine is the Chlorine which is free to do its work in the pool, as opposed to Combined Chlorine which is chlorine that has combined with contaminants and is tied up and ineffective as a sanitizer in the pool… Full Answer