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What are the Branches of Pure and Applied Psychology?

branches of pure psychology - general psychology, abnormal psychology , social psychology , experimental psychology , physiological psychology , para psychology , developmental psychology , geo psychology branches of applied psychology - sports psychology , educational psychology , indrustrial psychology… Full Answer

What are the 10 branches of psychology?

The 10 branches of psychology include behavioral psychology, clinical psychology, abnormal psychology, educational psychology, developmental psychology, personality psychology, evolutionary psychology, cognitive psychology, legal psychology, and community psychology. Full Answer

What are all the branches and fields of psychology?

The different fields of psychology are as follows: Industrial Organizational Psychology Counseling Psychology Clinical Psychology Developmental Psychology Experimental and Human Factors Psychology Educational Psychology Social Psychology School Psychology Physiological Psychology Environmental Psychology Health Psychology Family Psychology Rehabilitation Psychology Psychometrics and… Full Answer

What are the different fields of psychology?

Clinical, Social, School, Developmental, Family/Child, Research and more. Forensic, neuropsychology, health psychology, organizational psychology, industrial psychology (Human factors psychology), Counseling psychology, community psychology, Geropsychology, pediatric psychology (which is somewhat different from "child psychology." Non-clinical areas include also perception, physiological psychology… Full Answer

Differentiate the branches of psychology?

With psychology being extremely diverse, there are over thirty different branches of psychology. Some of them include child psychology, abnormal psychology, sports psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology, developmental psychology and educational psychology. Each different branch provide research and therapy to… Full Answer

What are the major perspectives of psychology?

Behaviorist Perspective, Psycho-dynamic Perspective, Humanistic psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Biological Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology are the major perspectives of psychology. They explain the behavior types at different angles to have a healthy mind and body. Full Answer