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What disease makes a child look like a gnome?

There are many diseases that alter a child's appearance, including Down syndrome, Cri-du-chat syndrome or Lejeune's syndrome, and Williams syndrome. But I think you're referring to one of the many genetic disorders that can cause short stature and asymmetrical limb… Full Answer

Words that the 3rd letter is o?

bioautographic stoopingly amok flocculants reorganization plosive propamidine phonoscopes idolized pronouncement emotionlessness ikonic evolutionistic stomodeums troubadours atonal reobtaining phosphoarginine booklists spokeswoman scouters anophthalmos knocks anoetic spoils anodising broomie scooped neoclassical anomia choosiness cookhouses projets prosurrender troublesome bromidrosis elocute provirus provincially shoats… Full Answer