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Is Christmas eve a holiday?

Christmas eve is not a holiday on Christmas is a holiday so Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas you can't celebrate Christmas eve its not a holiday

What do you do on Christmas Eve?

There are many different traditions, events, and activities for Christmas Eve. Many Christians attend church services. Some set up the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve, some open their gifts on Christmas Eve while others wait for Christmas Day to open… Full Answer

Is it 2010 Christmas Eve yet?

If today is the 24th where you are in the world, then it is Christmas eve of 2010. If it is the 23rd, then it is the day before Christmas eve. If it is the 25th where you are, then… Full Answer

What is Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve, December 24, is the night before Christmas Day, which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the day to prepare for Christmas. Christams Eve is the night before Christamas Day.