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What is christology all about?

Type your answer here... CHRISTOLOGY is all about the birth,death,and resurrection of christ.some people will say that is how the seventh day adventist church began.BY WINNER C. AJA

What is high Christology?

Christians believe that Jesus Christ was God-incarnate; thus Jesus was truly God and truly human. However, Christians approach this belief in more than one way. Some writers emphasise the divinity of Jesus, others emphasise the humanity whilst still others strive… Full Answer

What has the author Leslie Liptay written?

Leslie Liptay has written: 'The Christology of Elizabeth Johnson as a resource for church renewal' -- subject(s): Catholic Church, Church renewal, Contributions in Christology, Feminist theology, History of doctrines, Mystical union, Mysticism, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of Wisdom, Wisdom