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Locations of the churches of Scientology?

There are over 11'000 Scientology churches, missions and groups worldwide. To find the closest one to you, you can use the "Scientology church locator" on the Scientology website. That is a map that shows you the location of all Scientology… Full Answer

Is Scientology secretly controlling Google?

Google is being corrupted by anti Scientology groups who take advantage of Googles internal optimization algorithms to promote their own complaints and dramatizations about their own biases against Scientology and the Church of Scientology. Google currently favors anti scientology websites… Full Answer

Who is in scientology?

Anyone who has used any of the knowledge in Scientology and believes they have improved an unwanted condition in their lives or in the lives of others is in Scientology. Anyone who obtains and keeps in force a membership card… Full Answer

Is scientology hierarchical or autonomous?

The Church of Scientology organization is hierarchical -- there are no recognized autonomous congregations, by design. However, considering that the Church considers anyone who has taken a Scientology or Dianetics self-improvement class to be a Scientologist, only a minority of… Full Answer