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What has the author John Cleare written?

John Cleare has written: 'Mountaineering' -- subject(s): Mountains, Recreational use, Mountaineering 'Fifty Best Hill Walks of Britain' 'Mountains' -- subject(s): Mountaineering, Mountains, Rock climbing 'John Cleare's fifty best hill walks of Britain' -- subject(s): Guidebooks, Mountains, Walking 'Distant Mountains' Full Answer

How many people is Islam?

this question is not cleare. this question is bit confusing, " how many ppl follow Islam in tha world???????" Or " How many ppl with name Islam???????" etc............. M. A. Full Answer

What to do to start cargo business?

To start a cargobusiness,you should have min 1 years exprince under co-loader,which help u know complete cargo business with point of Opration,Marketing & servise activity. Cargo business can be starting thrue a small office along with 1 or 2 empolyee… Full Answer

What rhymes with c'mere?

smear sneer near mere sphere spear steer mir amir emir neere neare neer nir anear myr inir mear meir saire sichere skeer skir speer speir stere ameer anir nyr serere stear steere year appear clear dear fear severe career beer… Full Answer