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Where Is New Clee?

New Clee is the area on the border of Grimsby and Cleethorpes, mainly in the region of Park Street, including Stirling Street to the north, the houses on which have long been demolished, Harrington, Taylor and Montague Streets to the… Full Answer

What rhymes with irreversible?

a perfect rhyme is hard but if you will manipulate words: irre-verseable (it's) clearly personal . . . . . (clearly not pronounced clee-er-ly but how its written) (he's not) merely versatile (pronounced "versa-tull" ) (the affects are) irreversable Full Answer

Irish names for girls?

here are some nice ones Orna (oar-nah) (golden haired one) Orla (oar-lah) (golden haired one) Cliona (clee-uhn-ah) Tierna (teer-na) Siofra (shee-aff-rah) Ailbhe (al-veh) Sinead (shin-eadth) Róisín ( roa-sheen) (little rose Áine (awn-yea) Réaltín (ray-al-theen) (little star) Full Answer