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What is cobol used for?

COBOL is still used in a number of legacy applications such as finance and manufacturing industries as it is purposely designed to be fit for business application. A number of recent developments have brought web front ends to Cobol which… Full Answer

Fortran and COBOL?

The Fortran and COBOL programming languages have both been around for a long time. Fortran was released around 1957, while COBOL followed a couple years later. Fortran has historically been mostly used for numerical and scientific calculations, while COBOL is… Full Answer

When did Grace Hopper make COBOL?

Grace Hopper did not make COBOL, but she was technical consultant upon the committee and influential in its design following her work on the FLOW-MATIC language, which was combined with ideas from the IBM equivalent, COMTRAN. COBOL was first released… Full Answer