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Who was cobra in the GI Joe cartoons?

Cobra is the Joes' mortal enemy. Cobra is a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world. Their leaders are cobra commander, baroness, destro, storm shadow, dr.mindbender, and the crimson guard. Full Answer

What is the scientific name for a cobra?

Naja annulifera anchieta Anchieta's Cobra Naja annulifera annulifera Snouted Cobra Naja melanoleuca Forest Cobra Naja mossambica Mozambique Spitting Cobra Or M'fezi Naja nigricollis nigricincta Western Barred Spitting Cobra Naja nigricollis nigricollis Black-necked Spitting Cobra Naja nigricollis woodi Black Spitting Cobra… Full Answer