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What has the author Jerome K Percus written?

Jerome K. Percus has written: 'Combinatorial methods in developmental biology' -- subject(s): Combinatorial analysis, Developmental biology, Mathematical models 'The one body Wigner-Moyal density for a locally linear potential of arbitrary dimension' -- subject(s): Accessible book 'Combinatorial methods' -- subject(s): Combinatorial… Full Answer

What has the author Peter Orlik written?

Peter Orlik has written: 'Arrangements and hypergeometric integrals' -- subject(s): Combinatorial enumeration problems, Combinatorial geometry, Hypergeometric functions, Lattice theory 'Seifert manifolds' -- subject(s): Fiber bundles (Mathematics), Lie groups, Manifolds (Mathematics), Singularities (Mathematics) 'Algebraic combinatorics' -- subject(s): Combinatorial geometry, Free resolutions… Full Answer

What has the author C L Liu written?

C. L. Liu has written: 'Elements of discrete mathematics' -- subject(s): Abstract Algebra, Algebra, Abstract, Combinatorial analysis, Mathematics 'Topics in combinatorial mathematics' -- subject(s): Combinatorial analysis 'Wave energy extraction by crescent shaped columns for station keeping of floating ocean platforms'… Full Answer

What is game theory?

In mathematics a game is a situation where there are multiple people with conflicting interests. Game theory is a field of applied mathematics which is divided into two fields. The first is classical game theory and the second is combinatorial… Full Answer