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What are the capitals of Asian countries?

{| |- | Country Capital Region Beijing China East Bhutan Thimphu East Hong Kong Hong Kong East India New Delhi East Japan Tokyo East Korea Seoul East Laos Vientiane East Macau Macau East Mongolia Ulaanbaatar East Moscow Russia East North… Full Answer

Is the Middle East part of Asia?

The Middle East is mostly in Asia, although Egypt is considered part of the Middle East, which is an African country. The Greater Middle East, which is an expansion of the Middle East by G8 standards, includes all of North… Full Answer

What has the Middle East been called?

The Middle East has had a number of nicknames and renames such as: The Near East Crossroads of Civilization The Arab World The Cradle of Civilization The World's Powder Keg The Orient (although this term is more often used to… Full Answer

Did the US attempt to contain communism?

Yes. The United States attempted to stop the USSR from spreading communism by supplying armaments, financing, and military support to countries on the verge of falling into a communistic government. The Korean Police Action and Vietnamese Conflict were attempts at… Full Answer

Is Asia in the Middle East?

No. Most of the Middle East is in Asia. The countries in Asia that are in the Middle East only form a very small part of Asia, in its southwest. Egypt, which is in Africa, is also part of the… Full Answer