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What do you get from the forest?

You get eaten by a wolf from the forest. You get berries from the forest. You get lost in the forest. You die in the forest. You get trolled in a forest. You answer this question in the forest.

What forests are in Connecticut?

* Algonquin State Forest * American Legion State Forest * Centennial Watershed State Forest * Cockaponset State Forest * Enders State Forest * James L. Goodwin State Forest * Housatonic State Forest * Massacoe State Forest * Mattatuck State Forest… Full Answer

How do you say forest in ojibwa?

Ojibwe has many different words for woodlands or forest: maanakiki = maple forest mitigoog = forest mitigwaki = forest wadoopiki = alder forest zhingwaakoki = pine forest gaagaagiwanzhiki = spruce forest giizhikiki - cedar forest zhiibeyaa = a sparse forest… Full Answer