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What has the author Curt M White written?

Curt M. White has written: 'Data communications and computer networks' -- subject(s): Computer networks, Industrial management, Data transmission systems 'Data Communications and Computer Networks' -- subject(s): Computer networks, Data transmission systems, OSI (Computer network standard) 'Data communications and computer networks'… Full Answer

What has the author Michael Purser written?

Michael Purser has written: 'Secure data networking' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Computer networks, Computer security, Management, Security measures 'Computers and telecommunications networks' -- subject(s): Computer networks, Telecommunication systems, Data transmission systems 'Data communications for programmers' -- subject(s): Data transmission systems… Full Answer

What has the author Fred Halsall written?

Fred Halsall has written: 'Microelectronic Systems' 'Comunicacion de Datos, Redes de Computadores y Sistemas Abiertos' 'Data communications, computer networks, and open systems' -- subject(s): Computer network protocols, Computer networks, Data transmission systems, Local area networks (Computer networks) 'Computer Networking and… Full Answer