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What has the author John Vince written?

John Vince has written: 'Quaternions for computer graphics' -- subject(s): Quaternions, Mathematics, Computer graphics 'Geometric algebra' -- subject(s): Computer games, Programming, Computer animation, Algorithms, Clifford algebras 'Dictionary of computer graphics' -- subject(s): Computer graphics, Dictionaries 'Mathematics for computer graphics'… Full Answer

Advantages and disadvantages of computer graphics?

advantages of computer graphics: *we can create our own creation by using CG(computer graphics). *easy to understand "what the Creator want to say?". disadvantages of computer graphics: *it is not easy to create effective CG(computer graphics). *lot of resources are… Full Answer

What has the author Alan H Watt written?

Alan H. Watt has written: 'Advanced animation and rendering techniques' -- subject(s): Computer animation, Computer graphics '3D games' -- subject(s): Computer games, Computer graphics, Programming, C++ (Computer program language) '3D computer graphics' -- subject(s): Computer graphics, Three-dimensional display systems, Dreidimensionale… Full Answer