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What is an ad hominem?

An ad hominem fallacy, sometimes called a "genetic fallacy" or "to the person fallacy" or shorted to "ad hominem", is a kind of logical fallacy. This logical fallacy's definition is: attacking the person rather than the statements the person made. Full Answer

What are different types of fallacies?

The different types can primarily be categorized in:Ad Hominem (Personal Attack)Bandwagon FallacyFallacist's FallacyFallacy of CompositionFallacy of DivisionGambler's FallacyGenetic FallacyMoralistic FallacyNaturalistic FallacyRed HerringWeak AnalogyAccent FallaciesEquivocation FallacyStraw Man FallacyAffirming the ConsequentArguing from IgnoranceBegging the Question / Circular ReasoningComplex Question FallacyCum Hoc FallacyFalse… Full Answer