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Which is an example of a cogenital defect?

A congenital defect is any abnormality that is caused by defects or damage in a developing fetus. Congenital defects can be caused by a number of things: defects in the fetus's genetic code, abnormalities in the fetus's chromosomes, the environment… Full Answer

Is cortical dysplasia inherited?

No, Cortical Dysplasia is not inherited. It is a congenital brain malformation that occurs during early pregnancy. While there still isn't a definitive cause, recent studies have detected human papillomavirus in CD (Cortical Dysplasia). Full Answer

What is a hemangiomata?

It's a vascular malformation, usually congenital (you're born with it). It's a type of tumor (almost always benign) of the cells that form blood vessels (endothelial cells). If near the skin they show up as "birth-marks". Full Answer

How and why does cleft lip occur?

Cleft lip is a congenital malformation in which the left and right sides of the upper lip do not join up properly. There may be genetic influences, as well as environmental or nutritional causes, but these are poorly understood. The… Full Answer