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Zaire was once called what?

The country officially referred to as the Republic of Zaire was an incarnation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The nation of Zaire existed from 1971 to 1997. Full Answer

What country is the Zaire Basin in?

The Zaire Basin is actually included with the Congo basin and is called The Congo/Zaire River Basin. It stretches over nine countries. Listed are all the countries the basin includes and how much of The Congo/Zaire River Basin is claimed… Full Answer

Zaire old name?

The country formerly called Zaire changed in 1997 to the Democratic Republic of Congo, D.R. Congo, or D.R.C. It is also called Congo-Kinshasa (Kinshasa being the capital.) This is to distinguish it from the neighboring "Republic of Congo" (Congo-Brazaville). D.R… Full Answer