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What is a temper tantrum?

A temper tantrum, sometimes called a hissy fit or a conniption fit, is a raw and unplanned extreme emotional response to frustration, emotionally overwhelming situations, anger, sadness, unexpected events, or opposition by another person. During a temper tantrum a child… Full Answer

What English words end with ption?

Here are some: 6-letter words option 7-letter words caption 8-letter words adaption, adoption, cooption, eruption, gumption, sorption 9-letter words abruption, deception, exception, exemption, inception, irruption, reception 10-letter words absorption, adsorption, ascription, assumption, conception, conniption, corruption, decryption, desorption, disruption, encryption, excerption… Full Answer

Can you give a list of Ten letter words starting with con?

Some ten letter words starting with 'con' are: concentric conception conceptual concerning concertina concession conciliate conclusion concoction concordant concretely concurrent condemning condensate condescend condolence conductive confection conference confession confidante confidence configured confiscate conflation conflicted confluence conformist conformity confounded confronted congenital… Full Answer

What are ten letter tion words?

abdication, aberration, abjuration, abnegation, abreaction, abrogation, absolution, absorption, abstention, accusation, activation, adaptation, adjunction, adjuration, admiration, admonition, adsorption, advocation, affixation, affliction, alienation, alkylation, allegation, allocation, allocution, alteration, ambulation, ammunition, amputation, angulation, annexation, annotation, annulation, apparition, apposition, arrogation, ascription, aspiration, assumption, attraction… Full Answer