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Does Iraq have a constitution?

Yes. Iraq has had several constitutions throughout its history. The most recent one was formulated in 2005, during the Iraq War and is still used. A link to it is in the Related Links below. Full Answer

Why Iraq even after a war is not a democracy?

The Constitution of Iraq, which was adopted by the people of Iraq in 2005, establishes a federal parliamentary republic. One of the primary--perhaps the primary--goals of the constitution was to protect minority rights, as Iraq is composed of diverse factions… Full Answer

How are laws made in Iraq?

The government of Iraq is currently organized under a constitution ratified in 2005. Legislative authority is vested in 2 bodies - the Council of Representatives and the Council of Union. The Council of Representatives consists of 275 members, elected for… Full Answer

Who are all the Presidents of Iraq?

Iraq has had several "Presidents". Of them, only Jalal Talabani (the current President of Iraq) was properly elected. Prior to the US Invasion of Iraq, the President was the chief governing official and held much of the power in the… Full Answer

How has Iraq fared since the war?

Iraq is currently dealing with an insurgency. Contrary to what the Iraqi paramilitary and terrorist groups said while the US Armed Forces were in Iraq, they did not lay down arms when the Americans withdrew. The insurgency is just as… Full Answer