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What is another word for explains?

To make understandable: construe, decipher, explicate, expound, interpret, spell out. To find a solution for: clear up, decipher, resolve, solve, unravel. To offer reasons for or a cause of: account for, justify, rationalize. From Roget's II Thesaurus. Full Answer

What is the synonym for decipher?

Synonyms for the word decipher: analyze, break down, bring out, cipher, construe, crack, decode, deduce, disentangle, dope out, elucidate, encipher, explain, expound, find the key, interpret, make clear, make out, puzzle out, read, render, reveal, solve, spell, translate, unfold, unravel… Full Answer

What rhymes with into two?

boo, clue, new, dew, do, brew, grew, moo, crew, accrue, adiu, ado, ainew, andrew, anew, argue, askew, bamboo, bantu, bestew, bellevue, bedue, bayou, blew, blue, breakthrough, chew, cashew, canoe, construe, coo, screw, curfew, cue, cuckoo, drew, Full Answer

Words that end in ew and ue?

Anew, cashew, crew, curfew, blew, brew, dew, drew, eschew, few, flew, grew, hew, Jew, mildew, new, pew, skew, slew, stew, sew, spew, threw, view, yew... Blue, cue, clue, construe, dengue, denoue, due, glue, hue, imbue, ingenue, pursue, queue, rue, sue... Full Answer