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How long can you wear contact lenses?

it depends on the type of contacts you buy. there are contacts you wear for just one day, contacts you wear for just one week. contacts that last a month and contacts that last a year. hope that helps ^^,

What does sync contacts mean?

Syncing contacts generally refers to loading contacts from one devise to another. For example, you can sync the contacts on your phone to a tablet, a computer, or another phone.

What is better contacts or glasses?

i think contacts cause glasses can get pretty irritating at some points. but also contacts can get itchy but i wear glasses and contacts but i think contacts are better. but if this is not a good enough question go… Full Answer

Do you need glasses to have contacts?

no Unless you are getting colored contacts. If not, then you will need a prescription to get contacts. Most eye doctors want you to have both just in case your eyes get "tired' of wearing contacts.