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Why did the Marxist system fail?

The most important reason was, the Stallin regime concentrated all the powers in their hands instead of 'all powers to soviets' the second reason was 'Stallin's two stage theory of revolution' instead of 'permanent/continuous revolution'. Because Marxism is Internationalism. Full Answer

What is the continuous tense of kneel?

Present continuous I am kneeling. You/we/they are kneeling. He/she/it is kneeling. Present perfect continuous I/you/we/they have been kneeling. He/she/it has been kneeling. Past continuous I/he/she/it was kneeling. You/we/they were kneeling. Past perfect continuous Had been kneeling. Future continuous Will be… Full Answer

What is the continuous tense of excel?

Present continuos tense: am/is/are excelling Present perfect continuous: have/has been excelling Past continuous tense: was /were excelling Past perfect continuous: had been excelling Future continuous tense: will be excelling Future perfect continuous: will have been excelling Full Answer

What are the 14 English verb tenses?

The 14 English verb tenses are, present simple, present continuous, past simple, past continuous, present perfect, present perfect continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous, future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, conditional continuous, and conditional perfect. Full Answer