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What is a cookie internet-wise?

i got this from, that's a great resource. they say that it's a piece of text that's stored in your hard drive by the Web Browser (IE, Safari, FireFox, etc.). For example, a Web site might generate a unique… Full Answer

How does website tracking work?

The technology of web site tracking works in several ways. One way is for a website to place a cookie on the user's computer and other websites can access the cookie. Another way is a website embedding a 1 pixel… Full Answer

What is a good name for a cookie shop?

TOUGH COOKIE Cookie Cutters THE COOKIE CUTTER Totally Cookies Cookie mania Sweet Crumbs the cookie jar Name: let's get baked Dough 4 u Slogan:You'll Love My Stash OH DOUGH! COOK 2 THE E Cookie Commotion Sweet Delights Callin' The Cookie… Full Answer